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Amazing Benefits of Using Virtual Background in Videos

You’ve probably tried various backgrounds that you can use for your online meeting.

Are you aware of other applications? In actuality the virtual background can be utilized in many ways!

It is possible to add digital backgrounds for your instructional videos and webinars, video presentations as well as live streams screens, product videos, and other screencasts as well.

A virtual background for your videos is beneficial in a variety of ways. Here’s a list with the six most important reasons you should make use of an online background for your videos.

The Reasons You Should Use an online background for your Videos

1. Creates Brand Recognition

The addition of your logo to your live streams, webinars and tutorials can help people to easily identify your brand.

With a clear and well-designed background for your brand, you can effectively communicate your brand’s message to your customers. By adding your brand’s colors as well as your logo and motto to your background image it is easy to register your brand’s name in the minds of people. In some instances, you could include some of your most expensive services to the background.

TIP: Make sure you make a logo using special tools or engage a professional to assist you in all these areas.

2. Protects Your Personal Space

We’re all aware of how difficult recording videos when working remotely. The process of setting up a office at home isn’t an easy task. It takes lots of effort and time. This is why the virtual background setup can come in handy.

It is easy to begin recording your video by activating the feature of a virtual background. There’s no need to fret about the appearance of your space any longer!

3. Keeps Professionalism Alive

We’ve all changed our work habits following the pandemic. We’ve been working in hotels, cafes or on beaches, among numerous other places. It’s important to keep a professional appearance when we record meetings online as well as webinars and podcasts.

With a virtual background you’ll appear professional and appear presentable. You could even capture a snapshot of your office and then use it as the background virtual for your videos. When you record your videos with software for screen recording, you’ll be able add your own images to serve as your virtual backgrounds for your videos.

4. It creates a unique presence through Customization

If you’re able to include your own logo image to your background image you are free to customize your background according to reflect your individual preferences. Instead of sticking to the logo of your company and color codes, try including relevant images of your products such as gifs, brand images and more. These images and gifs could also be humorous or even promotional.

5. It provides privacy

If you’ve got the option of a virtual background it’s not a problem to keep your family or children disrupting your privacy.

A virtual background can aid in filtering out unwanted background movements and permit you to capture your videos without disturbances.

6. Helps Maintain Uniformity

Employers may also make use using the feature of virtual backgrounds.

It is easy to add an elegant touch to online meetings by asking all staff to have the same branding image for their backgrounds. This will not only help maintain consistency but also assists employees focus during conversations.

Bonus: Tips and tricks to make the most effective Use of Virtual Background Features

Here are some more tips to assist you in making the most of this feature.

1. Be Careful of Your Lighting

It’s crucial to get the proper amount of light for your videos. Be sure to select the location that is illuminated.

Avoid sitting near windows since it blocks natural light and darkens the video.

In addition, you could make use of external lighting to provide the extra illumination to your living space.

2. Beware of unnecessary movements

When your webcam detects movement, it affects the background of your webcam and cause the appearance of a halo the image.

Therefore, you should avoid any unwanted movements when you record videos with an online background. To minimize the number of unwanted moves, be sure to place your computer in a secure location.

3. Use the Correct Resolution

Making sure you have the correct resolution is essential as well. Make note of the ratio between screen and screen of your teleconferencing software , and make virtual backgrounds to match this particular resolution.

Your quality picture must not be compromised, either. If your image’s pixel count is low the background image can appear granular and unprofessional.

If you do save the image, consider saving it in the RGB.jpg format. This format offers the highest quality images.
4. Use a high-quality webcam

We’ve all heard that the majority of the webcams that are built-in to laptops aren’t great enough. To capture videos with decent quality, your camera should at a minimum capture at 720p or more. Therefore, ensure that your webcam is capturing videos at the correct resolution.

However, if you’re someone who makes videos frequently, you could opt to purchase an 1080p webcam. It’s becoming more popular and reasonably priced nowadays.

After you’ve fully grasped the reasons why it’s crucial to add custom video background Banuba to your videos, and you know how to make best utilization of the technology, you’ll be able to quickly include them in your videos and begin recording your videos with ease!