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Save Time and Money with Exterior Spray Painting

When it comes time to repaint your home’s exterior, you have two main options – brush painting or spray painting. While brush painting has been the traditional go-to, spray painting is gaining popularity due to the many benefits it can offer homeowners. From cost to convenience to quality of finish, there are many reasons spray painting your next exterior paint job may be the smarter choice.

Cost Savings
For starters, spray painting can provide significant cost savings compared to brush work. Spraying is a much faster process, allowing contractors to complete jobs in a fraction of the time. This speeds up turnaround time and requires less labor hours, translating to lower costs for the homeowner.

Spraying requires less prep work too, eliminating labor-intensive tasks like brushing or scraping peeling paint by hand.

Convenience Factor
The speed of spray painting also makes the process far more convenient for homeowners. Prepping and painting an entire average-sized home with brushes can take weeks or longer. With spraying, prep is simpler and painting typically takes just 2-3 days from start to finish.

This allows residents to minimize disruption to their daily routines. And it requires less reshuffling of vehicles and outdoor furniture to provide the spray painters access. The faster turnaround can also avoid having a half-finished exterior for extended periods.

Hassle-Free Application
Another big advantage of spray painting is the ease of application. Hand painting demands meticulous attention to detail, with painters crouched down or bent over for hours applying careful brush strokes. This can lead to uneven coverage and frequent painter fatigue.

Spray equipment allows painters to swiftly coat large areas from a comfortable standing position. There is no need to repeatedly dip brushes or pause to reload paint. The pneumatic power of sprayers also provides greater penetration of paint into materials like stucco, brick and concrete. This leads to a longer-lasting finish.

Accessibility and Coverage
When hand painting, safely reaching the peaks of multi-story homes can pose challenges. Spray rigs attach via high-pressure hoses to allow painters easy access to paint tricky second-story exterior surfaces without cumbersome ladders or scaffolding.

Spraying also excels at coating uneven, textured surfaces like brick or stone facades. Adjustable spray tips can control paint dispersal for uniform coverage, eliminating uneven brush strokes. Every inch of siding and trim gets evenly coated for a cohesive look.

Higher Quality Finish
The flawless, professional-looking finish achieved with spray painting is another big selling point. The fine spray mist lays down a smooth, consistent coating. This creates a seamless appearance without telltale brush marks marring the surface.

Spraying prevents drips, runs and uneven coats from overlapping brush strokes. It also minimizes dust nibs and debris getting worked into the paint. The end result is a crisp, clean finish that looks like factory painting rather than a manual brush job.

Improved Durability
The seamless application of spray painting also enhances paint adhesion and durability. Brush painting leaves minute gaps between brush strokes as the paint fails to fully penetrate into the porous surfaces. This allows moisture to seep in and loosen paint over time.

Sprayers apply paint at up to 3,000 PSI, driving it deep into exterior materials. This seals the surface thoroughly and creates an unbroken protective barrier. Paint thus bonds tightly and withstands weathering better. Spray painting your home can add years of life to the paint job.

Environmental Benefits
Finally, spray painting has less environmental impact than brush methods. There is significantly less paint wasted since overloading brushes and trays is avoided. The high transfer efficiency also minimizes overspray. Using less paint means lower VOC emissions and reduced cleanup.

Many painters also now use low-pressure, high-volume sprayers for exterior house painting. These HVLP sprayers rely on gravity versus high pressure to minimize paint misting and environmental contamination while still maximizing efficient coverage.

The Verdict
When considering your next exterior painting project, the benefits of spray painting make it the better choice for most homes. From cost to quality to convenience, spray painting delivers for homeowners looking to refresh their home’s curb appeal with a durable, professional-grade paint job. Contact reputable local painters to learn more about how spray painting can benefit your next exterior paint project.