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Preparing for Your New Double Glazed Windows – What to Expect

Installing double glazed windows Essex can be a great way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Here’s what you can expect when having new double glazed windows fitted in Essex:

Getting a Quote
The first step is to get quotes from reputable double glazing companies in Essex. A good company will come to your property, measure your existing windows, discuss the different glazing options and provide you with a detailed quotation. Make sure you get quotes from at least 3 companies so you can compare prices and services. When reviewing the quotes, look at the window specifications – the frame material (uPVC, aluminium etc), glazing type (single, double or triple), glass coatings and gas fills. Also check what is included – removal and disposal of old windows, fitting, any building work/making good.

Choosing the Windows
There are many styles and configurations of double glazed windows available in Essex. The most common are casement windows which open outwards. But you can also choose sliding sash windows, tilt and turn windows, bay windows and more. Consider what will suit your property best visually. Also think about practicalities like easy cleaning, security, noise reduction and accessibility. Your double glazing company can advise you on the pros and cons of different styles. Make sure the windows you choose meet building regulations for safety, energy efficiency and fire escape.

Taking Measurements

Accurate measurements are crucial for a good fit and finish. The installation team will measure again before ordering, but it helps if your original quotes are based on precise measurements. Window openings are measured width first, then height. Include the outer brickwork dimensions. For replacements, measure the existing window frames as well. If you’re enlarging openings, decide on the new sizes you want. Keep neighbours informed if windows overlook boundaries. Your installer can advise on appropriate building regulations permissions.

From accepting a quote to installation typically takes 4-6 weeks in Essex. Manufacturing custom made windows takes 2-3 weeks. You may be asked for a deposit or stage payment once windows are ordered. Installation itself takes 1-2 days depending on the number of windows. Check timescales with the company so you can plan ahead. Ask about potential delays from manufacturing or delivery issues. Make sure your installer keeps you informed if any delays are likely.

Installation Day
On the day of installation, your property needs to be clear and accessible. Remove furniture, curtains and blinds from window areas. The installers will protect floors and surfaces, but removing valuables reduces risks. Ensure pets are kept away from work areas. Park vehicles away from access routes. Your installer should explain the installation process so you know what to expect and can ask any questions. Most will be happy for you to watch them work as long as you stay safe.

The Installation Process
Old windows will be uninstalled first. Frames are cut out and disposed of appropriately. Final measurements are then taken and adjustments made. New frames are fitted into the openings and secured, ensuring they are level and plumb. Window sashes or vents are hung and can be tested for smooth operation. Glazing beads and trims are added to hold the double glazing panels securely in place and create an airtight seal. Sealing around frames completes the job. Inside and out, your installer should leave window areas clean and tidy.

Completing the Job
Before the installation team departs, carry out a thorough inspection. Check openings for leaks, drafts or other issues indicating poor fitting. Ensure windows open, close and lock smoothly. Look at the finishes for a neat appearance inside and out. If you’re happy that everything is in order, sign off the completion certificate. This means you accept the work and can be invoiced for the final payment. Raise any immediate concerns so the installation team can resolve them before leaving.

Your double glazing company should provide a guarantee covering manufacturing faults and installation defects for at least 5 years. Check you get certificate and guarantee paperwork. This will include details on the glazing units, frames and installation for future reference. Your installer may offer maintenance services to keep your new double glazed windows Essex performing well over their lifespan. Things like hinge lubrication, glass cleaning and seal replacement prolong the benefits. Contact your double glazing provider if you have any issues – most will have a call out service to inspect and fix covered faults.

With quality double glazing installed professionally, you can expect:

Improved thermal insulation – Lower energy bills from reduced heat loss.
Sound proofing – Reduced noise from outside, especially traffic.
Safety and security – Toughened glass, multi-point locks and cameras can be added.
Minimal maintenance – No more sanding and repainting frames and sills.
Added property value – kerb appeal and a warmer property.

So in summary, getting double glazed windows Essex installed takes careful planning, measurement and preparation. On the day, allow full access for installers to carry out the fitting safely and efficiently. Inspect finished windows thoroughly before signing off. Then enjoy a warmer, quieter home and lower energy costs from your new double glazing. Maintain them properly and your investment can last over 20 years.