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Keep Your Facility Safe – Hire A Pro for Suspended Heater Service

Regular servicing of your suspended heater by a professional is crucial to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. Suspended heaters, sometimes called ceiling mounted heaters, are a popular choice for heating large open spaces like warehouses, factories, gyms and more. While they provide effective zone heating, like any gas appliance they require proper maintenance to function properly. Here are some key reasons why you should use a professional for suspended heater service.

Safety is the number one reason to have your suspended heater serviced regularly. Gas appliances can be very dangerous if not properly maintained, risking gas leaks, fires or even explosions. A professional suspended heater service technician has extensive training and experience working on these specialized heaters. They know how to check for problems and perform repairs to ensure your unit is operating safely. Some of the key safety checks they will conduct include inspecting the gas lines and connections for leaks, testing the combustion chamber, adjusting air-fuel mixtures and checking safety controls like limit switches. Preventative maintenance helps identify any issues before they become serious hazards.

Professionals also have the proper tools and equipment for suspended heater service that you likely don’t have access to as a home or business owner. This includes flue gas analyzers to test combustion efficiency, manometers to check gas pressure, and instruments to test electrical components. They will be able to conduct thorough inspection and maintenance of the heat exchanger, circulation fan, burner,pilot assembly, gas valve, controls and other components. You simply don’t have the specialized diagnostic tools and equipment needed to properly maintain a commercial suspended heater.

You’ll also benefit from the expertise of a professional service technician who is familiar with your specific brand and model of heater. They know exactly how your particular unit should operate and can pinpoint problems quickly. Knowledge of installation, operation and maintenance procedures specific to the different suspended heaters they work on allows them to provide the right service. As heating equipment ages, the complexity of repairs required increases. You want someone well-versed in your particular heater servicing it.

Using a professional suspended heater service comes with other advantages as well. For one, they have access to manufacturer authorized replacement parts that may be difficult for you to source on your own. They also maintain detailed service records that can help identify operational patterns and catch problems early. Professional technicians have the right insurance coverage to protect you in the unlikely event of any damages or injuries occurring during service. Many companies also offer priority scheduling for contract customers.

While some basic maintenance like external cleaning can be performed by the owner, you generally want to leave more complex service on these specialized commercial heaters to the professionals. The costs incurred by a professional suspended heater service are well worth it when you consider the importance of proper maintenance for safety and performance. Why take any risks with a gas appliance installation when you can have it serviced by expert professionals?

When choosing a company, look for an established, licensed contractor with strong knowledge of your specific heater make and model. Ask for proof of bonding and insurance that will protect you. Find out what kind of tools and testing equipment they use to ensure thorough service. Make sure they check all components using a comprehensive maintenance checklist. Also ask about any service plans and warranties. With regular professional suspended heater service, your unit will operate safely and reliably for years.

Don’t put off service and risk safety or performance issues. Follow manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules to keep your suspended heater in top shape. Look at service costs as an investment to protect your system. With gas heaters, there is simply no room for cut corners or half-measures when it comes to servicing them. You want an experienced professional taking care of your suspended heater.

Make professional suspended heater service an ongoing part of your safety and maintenance plan. Look for deals on annual tune-ups to maximize value. When your heater is regularly cared for by a trusted professional, you can enjoy reliable, efficient heating season after season. Proper care will extend the lifespan of the unit as well. Prioritize service and you’ll get the very best performance from your suspended heater.

In summary, it is highly recommended to use a professional for servicing suspended heaters. Their expertise, specialized tools and adherence to safety procedures will ensure your heater operates optimally and minimizes risk. Don’t leave it to chance – let a qualified technician handle the intricacies involved in properly maintaining your suspended heater. The peace of mind of having a professionally serviced heater is well worth the investment. Make smart choices and keep your facility, workers and heater safe with regular professional suspended heater service.