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How to buy a bed frame and mattress?

With so many options of options and a myriad of aspects to consider it is difficult to determine where to begin when it comes to choosing the right mattress. Our short guide takes you through the process of buying the right mattress and bed frame. Prepare yourself for an exquisite bed and an amazing night’s rest.

Select the bed size you prefer.

Start by measuring the size of your bed. In general, sharing a bed, a bigger bed will result in more restful nights. This is why, for instance in the event that you have room for the size of a king rather than an extra double, that could be the best option. Also, you should consider the area that will be remaining around the bed not just to walk about it in comfort as well as for accessing any storage that is integrated into the bed. The drawers in the Divan must be accessible in the event that you intend frequently use them.

If you don’t have an appropriate bed dimensions in your room, you can employ masking tape to draw an outline of the floor to give you an idea of the space that would be covered by the frames for beds you’re contemplating.

Make sure you measure both outwards and upwards. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a four-poster bed be sure to determine the appropriate size of the room and pay particular attention to ceilings that slope. When you’re considering an ottoman bed it is essential to ensure there’s nothing that hinders the elevation of the top of the bed in order to reach the storage area.

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Style and design of the bed

There are a variety of design options to pick from when purchasing the perfect bed. Are you searching for something modern or classic? Is the idea of a bed with four posts appeal or is it a luxurious divan? Bed frames are made from wood or metal, and have the base of slatted wood or a sturdy mesh upon which the mattress is set. Divan beds have a solid base that supports the mattress. Under it, there’s usually storage built into the mattress.

Upholstered beds are a an element of a neutral decor or offer the opportunity to add color into your space. A wooden bed can add the warmth and richness of a wooden bed. styles range from intricately carved pine frames like that of Innsbruck pine bed to the sleek contemporary design in the Messina. Metal bed frames can create an impressive design statement and are compatible with any style of decor that range from traditional to contemporary.


Do you want your bed to be able to store things? Some divan beds offer drawers at the base, or on the either side, or on both. A bed with an ottoman offers ample storage space beneath, ideal to house clothes or other bedding. A gas-lifting mechanism that is hydraulic permits easy access to the space, regardless of how heavy your mattress.


Do you require a sturdy headboard? If you spend a lot of your time at night in bed, reclining to read, you need to have a supportive and comfortable bed on your back. A bed that is iron-framed might not be the ideal option for you, but the bed made of solid wood as well as an adjustable headboard could provide you with the support you require.

How do you choose a mattress

Once you’ve settled on the bed frame you want, you’re now ready to pick the mattress. The mattress you select will have a major impact to the quality of your sleep.

A mattress that is firm can be a great option for those who suffer from back pain. It’s also a suitable option for couples that want to avoid settling in the center of the mattress during the night and disrupting their partner’s sleep. Mattresses can be constructed from foam, which includes springs, memory foam or any combination of the two.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is made to fit the contours of your body, offering the support you require. If you prefer sleeping on your side, you may discover that a memory foam mattress will work best for you since it will help alleviate the pressure that could be feeling in your hips and shoulders. Memory foam mattresses don’t need to be turned or rotated.

Spring mattress

The mattress is built with metal coils that provide support. In certain mattresses the springs are linked and encased, however it’s better to purchase a mattress that has individual springs encased in a single piece, since this will provide more support and a more evenly weight distribution. This reduces the chance of bedmates interrupting one another when they move around during the night. If you have back discomfort, a mattress made of springs is generally recommended since it provides greater spinal support.

A mattress made of springs is perfect if you tend to be hot in the evening because air flows between the pockets of springs and allow your mattress to cool faster. This Ambassador 2000 mattress offers enhanced edge-to-edge supportand double stitching along the sides, while the Pemberley Pillow Top mattress features padding over the top to provide extra comfort.

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