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Do I Need a Kings Heath Removals Company?

Finding a reliable removals company isn’t easy especially during this time of year. Offering high-quality recommendations for trustworthy professionals and services can build trust with tenants, which makes them more likely to share the details to family and friends. To provide you with reliable removals services, we will look into what you should look for when looking for a removal business and the advantages of this service.

Do I require a Removals Company?

If you’re a landlord or buyer and have this question, it is most likely that the answer is yes. The majority of people accumulate a lot of things, sometimes over the course of a single year. When you are packing and transporting costly furniture items and other delicate items, it may be beneficial to delegate the task to experts.

Unless the home is small, or they’re renting a single room or an apartment that is fully furnished It’s highly likely that hiring a professional service for removals will benefit. Professional removals services can save tenants, buyers and buyers time savings, safe transport of fragile items , and more van space. A professional Kings Heath removal company are particularly crucial for families that have a lot of possessions as well as older customers who are struggling to move their homes.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Removal company?

We’ve broken down the process of finding the best removal service into a couple of easy steps we hope you be able to use.


The first thing to consider is the place. Removal companies located locally to your rental property are more likely to be priced lower than those with a greater distance to travel. They can be part of your portfolio of tradespeople you recommend and services that you can provide to sellers, buyers and tenants.

Comparison Sites

One of the most popular sites to search for local removal firms is a comparison website. There, you can discover a list of reputable companies and you’ll be capable of filtering your results to discover the most relevant businesses more quickly. A search by price review, location or even location will help narrow your search.

Removal Quotes

The next step after you’ve found some potential candidates is to review removal estimates. A majority of tenants will search for the lowest cost alternative, so if you are able to recommend a reputable company, they’ll be pleased clients. Make sure you get at least three estimates for the same service with each price broken into packing, insurance hours, hourly rates storage, mileage and insurance.

Customer Reviews

We’ve all heard the horror reports of unprofessional movers damage to expensive furniture or stealing things that are sentimental and tenants will not be pleased if the recommendation you make fails. After narrowing your search further then it’s time to go through the reviews of customers. Sometimes, businesses are priced low due to a reason, and you’ll be able eliminate any unreliable moving companies through online reviews.

Ask for recommendations

The word of mouth is an effective method of finding reliable tradespeople and companies. Have any of your acquaintances or family members moved recently? They might have suggestions to share. It’s also worth determining the removal firms that local letting agents suggest.

Are They Controlled?

One way to know the legitimacy of a removal service reliable is to determine whether they’re a member of any of the regulatory bodies or associations. Verify if the firm has a membership with the British Association of Removers (BAR) an organization which guarantees professional excellence. With the lists of commercial and residential moving companies, all that are listed have been examined to the standards of the industry.

Questions to ask the Movers

Before you suggest a removal firm for your tenant you should ask these questions first: How long has the business been in business? Do you offer pre-move surveys? Do you provide storage facilities? Do your quotes include insurance? Do you offer packing services? Is parking on the day of moving included? What is your policy regarding delays? Do you request any additional costs for removal?

Being able to have all the relevant information at be on hand is a great benefit for tenants who are busy and can create a lasting impression in the in the long run.

What is the minimum amount of notice that removal companies Require?

The process of obtaining an initial quote to move house, and then the subsequent survey, finding a suitable date, and putting all the necessary documents in order can take up to a couple of weeks. It’s best to keep tenants informed of this when they approach the end of their lease to ensure they are ready for the day of their move.

What is the Cost Average of Moving?

The cost of employing a professional removals firm is contingent on a variety of elements, which include the quantity and size of the things to be transported and the distance between homes and the amount of people who will be working at the time and whether it is packing materials and packing supplies.

For further advice or any suggestions, please contact our helpful team.