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The Ultimate Guide to Van Conversions

2020 was known as the year of staycations. Many of us have taken advantage of the beauty that is in our own backyard instead going across the world. The UK is full of beautiful natural scenery, stunning beaches and a rich culture to discover. One of the most effective ways to explore this is to travel in your own mobile campervan.

In this way van conversions have grown in popularity over the last few months. Converting a van to a campervan means it is possible to travel easily around the UK without having to look for accommodation.

If you’re planning to turn your vehicle into the ultimate getaway spot We’re here to assist. We’ve got expert advice for van conversions to help you maximize your vacation throughout the UK.

Advantages to Van Conversions

If you’re considering an RV conversion but aren’t certain if it’s the best choice for you, below are some of the most important advantages you can take advantage of:

Save money on Accommodation and travel

Converting your vehicle into a minivan can help you save cash on flights, hotels trains, hotels and other. Traveling abroad for a vacation can be costly when you consider these factors, hence the conversion of your van can help you save money over the long run.

Cheaper than dedicated Camper Vans

A camper conversion is a cheap alternative to campervans because you can choose the material, the fixtures and the modifications that fit your specific budget.

Of course, conversion costs may vary dependent on the scope of the job to be completed. However, it’s typically cheaper to complete the conversion of a van, instead of purchasing an entirely custom-built campervan.

Create it your own

Converting your van to a personal one offers more space to personalize, which means you can be really imaginative in the design of your van’s interior and features!

Whatever you’d like to do, whether the brightly colored seats of your converted van or an ultra-charged sound system for your travels It is possible to build your ideal camper van by constructing your own conversion.

How to Perform an Van Conversion Yourself

Are you ready to tackle an RV conversion however, where do you begin? There are a few factors to think about prior to starting this process. We’ve got your back, and we’ve provided the best tips to assist you in getting your conversion correct in the very first attempt.

Check If Your Van Is Eligible

There are a few vans that can convert into a camper van, so you need to ensure you have the correct base before beginning. This is due to several factors which include:

Your van’s condition
Your van’s size

This is because you’ll be required to register your campervan with the DVLA and there are many internal components that must be officially be recognized as motorhome.

How do you register the Campervan Conversion through the DVLA

Before you’re able to take off in your campervan, you’ll have to make it a registered vehicle at the DVLA. To prove an application for registration, you’ll have to include documentation such as:

A complete campervan conversion checklist
Interior photographs
Photos of the exterior
Images showing the vehicle identification Number

After you’ve collected this details, you’ll have to submit it to the DVLA and they’ll look over your application.

Like every other type of vehicle security is the most important factor, and, consequently the better shape your vehicle is in the better suited it is to be converted.

What is the best van for a Camper Conversion?

If you’re uncertain about whether your vehicle you have is suitable or you’re planning for a new van to convert, the most suitable vans to convert campers include:

Fiat Ducato
Mercedes-benz Sprinter
Renault Trafic
Ford Transit
VW Transporter

These are only a handful of commonly used vans for conversions to campers, but in actual fact, you can convert virtually any vehicle into the ultimate getaway!

Choose the layout of your van

You’ll need to determine where you will place the bed and storage tables, cookers, and other kitchen appliances inside your vehicle. It can be a daunting job, since you’ll have to ensure you have the right weight distributed evenly.

But, it forces you to be more imaginative when it comes to how you use your space, and help you make use of the space you have. Choose objects that can be used for multiple purposes to make your space functional and comfortable. area.

Here are some additional tips that you could use when you are in the planning phase of the conversion of your van:

Find typical campervan layouts to get an idea of what you can do.
Test and measure your layout in real-life
Make use of 3D program to design your vehicle. It can help visualize the interior of your van

How do I wire a Van Conversion

If you’re planning to build your camper van conversion you’ll need a basic understanding about electrical circuits and circuits to begin. It is also necessary to buy an array of electric components that will get the campervan operating. It could include:

Solar panels
Circuit breakers
Monitoring the battery
Convertor and charger for batteries
Van conversion leisure battery

This isn’t the complete list of what you’ll require to convert your van and the things you require will determine the options that you would like to include. If you’re not familiar with van conversions, you’ll find that you’ll require assistance from an electrician to wire your van.

Can Van Conversion Kits worth the cost?

You can buy the van conversion kit which contains everything you require to transform your old vehicle into a functional campervan. Both individuals and companies offer van conversion kits for those who want an easy and simple method to install their campervan.

The kits may include:

Furniture e.g. tables, chairs, beds and storage
Electronic components e.g. leisure batteries, wires, lighting etc.
Heating and cooling components
Components for plumbing and bathrooms

The cost for your package will be contingent on the size of your car the interior design, as well as features. It is likely that you’ll be required to cover the additional expense for convenience as well. Although it is cheaper to buy the components on your own but you will reduce the amount of time and effort by buying an conversion kit.

Van Conversion Ideas and Inspiration

Camper van conversions offer the opportunity to showcase your imagination and design something completely individual.

If you’re new to the whole process it may be difficult to come up with ideas. In reality, there’s many ideas to convert your van to a camper available for you to select from.

What is the cost of a van Conversion cost?

Costs for conversion of your campervan be based on a variety of elements, such as:

Your van’s cost (if you don’t already have one already)
Quality of material that are used
The dimensions of your van as well as the labour needed
If you build it yourself or you seek the assistance of a conversion firm

These are only a handful of the elements that will affect the final cost of the conversion of your van. If you’re planning the conversion of a smaller van and you’re willing to spend just £500 to build your vehicle. However larger self-builds could cost as high as £20,000.

If you decide to employ an expert to build the conversion van, you’ll need to shell out a little more for ease of use, the labor and other materials. The most expensive professional camper van conversion services could charge as much as £40,000, but this is largely contingent on the features you wish to incorporate into your design.

In general the event that you build your conversion van on your own and you don’t require purchase a car then you shouldn’t have to spend more than £5,000-£10,000 to make your van transformable.

UK Tips for a Staycation with Your Camper

If you’re eager to go on the road with your brand new campervan but aren’t sure the best place to go, we’ve covered it for you. We’ve identified some of the most picturesque UK vacation spots to enjoy the best of the conversion van you’ve got.

  1. North York Moors National Park

You’ll have a variety of scenery when you go to the North York Moors National Park. It’s tranquil and serene which makes it a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break to the rural countryside.

  1. Isle of Wight Isle of Wight

If you’re keen to taste some of the best UK beaches with your van, then the Isle of Wight should be at the top of your list of places to go to.

You can also visit beautiful beaches like Shanklin Beach and Ventnor Beach You can also take a walk along any of the Island of Woight’s numerous coastal footpaths to get the most out of your time there.

  1. Brecon Beacons, Wales

Although it’s always been a favorite place for UK holidaymakers, it’s also an ideal place to explore by campervan since it’s among the largest landscapes in the UK, and also has a variety of natural wonders to discover.