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Reasons why remapping is worth it

Are you considering a remap, but aren’t certain if it’s worth the cost? It’s not a problem. We get a lot of inquiries from potential customers about our remaps, and whether they really are all they appear to be, then here are the top 10 Reasons why remaps are worth it to help you decide whether or not you want to get it completed.

1. Remapping can give you more torque

Torque refers to the rotational or turning force that is applied to an axis. It is the capacity of an engine to perform work. An increase in torque results in more acceleration. The torque in turbo-petrol and diesel vehicles is usually at lower revs, and it is this torque that gives you the push in the back when you step on the brakes. After remaps, torque on these cars will increase by 20-30% , and on naturally aspirated vehicles by about 5 percent. More torque means better acceleration, and faster in-gear times that are crucial for quick and secure taking over.

2. Remapping can give you more power

Horsepower is the result of torque and a different value RPM divided by 5252. It’s the measure of how fast a vehicle eventually is and how much the power of the engine is able to propel it. Higher horsepower means a greater top speed. In simple definition, horsepower refers to the speed at which an engine is able to reach its maximum speed. This is why the most powerful roads cars on the planet are more than 1000bhp, and the Bloodhound SSC 133,151bhp. For everyday drivers higher horsepower means greater acceleration and a higher RPM, as well as more secure taking overtaking.

3. Remapping eliminates flat spots to ensure smoother power delivery

If it’s not so much the power loss that bothers you about your car rather the manner in which it delivers its power, remapping must definitely be thought about. Remapping can eliminate flat areas from the equation and allow you to access your power at higher RPMs which results in an easier drive.

4. The result of remapping is better fuel economy in normal driving

With more torque being produced at any RPM which means you don’t need to utilize more throttle in order to reach and maintain speed. The engine of a car does not have to work harder in order to transfer its mass. And by reducing the load to the motor, you’re significantly reducing the amount of fuel required to run it. This leads to better efficiency and fuel economy. Our fleet customers have seen substantial savings in fuel due to this method of operation. If you are driving by putting your foot down every day the fuel efficiency will definitely decrease. This is due to the fact that you’ll be making use of all the car’s new strength and torque, and you’ll consume more fuel.

5. Remapping is a mechanically secure upgrade

Remapping is a secure upgrade provided it is done by a qualified professional. we have hundreds of clients who have put more than 50k remapped miles on their automobiles with no issue at all from 1.9 TDI vans to 2.7 Liter Audi RS4 B5’s. It is a good thing that the majority of our clients take care of their vehicles, and if you follow exactly the same, you should be able to anticipate your vehicle to last the same longevity as a regular car.

6. Remapping can revive the affection you had once for your vehicle

There is nothing more unpleasant than sitting driving an unreliable vehicle. It’s not just boring however, it could be risky as well. Remapping can extract 20-30 percent greater power or torque out of an engine , which is an impressive amount, and you’ll feel the improvement as you step on the gas. We’re sure you’ll be enjoying your car more. All of our customers have cited Remapping as the most beneficial thing they’ve ever purchased for their vehicle.

7. Remapping is the most effective pound-for-pound performance enhancement

In comparison to exhaust upgrades that are standalone as well as intercooler and air intake improvements Remapping can provide huge performance gains. With a brand new exhaust, air intake and intercooler, you will be lucky enough to extract 35bhp more from the 2015. Golf GTI at a cost more than PS2,000. However, after remapping, you’ll get at least 50bhp and 50 pounds/ft. Performance gains for more than 60% less with the original parts of the vehicle. Stage 1 tuning is the most efficient pound-for-pound performance upgrade available for your car. If you’re looking for more performance, you can include other upgrades later on to make an advanced stage 2 car.

8. Remaps can result in better towing

If you are towing an RV, a trailer or mobile home, similar getting more torque through an upgrade will help the vehicle towing it significantly. With more torque , you’ll be capable of towing more weight, without putting excessive strain on the engine or drivetrain.

9. Remapping doesn’t have to be just for cars.

Vans Lorries, tractors, quad bikes as well as agricultural equipment like cultivators and mowers can be all remapped or tuned to increase performance and torque. We can remap a variety of vehicles to improve economy and performance, enhancing the efficiency of their drive and speed particularly diesel tractors and mowers that benefit from 20 percent more torque.

10. Remapping can be accomplished within a matter of a half hour

In modern vehicles, remapping can be done through using the OBD port. Connecting a cable to the OBD port, which establishes an immediate connection between our computer as well as the car’s ECU which allows us to write and read the software that is on it. Remapping typically takes about an hour and for us, it’s done on the roadside, as an on-the-go service. For older vehicles as well as some agricultural machinery, ‘chipping’ is necessary. Chip tuning is the removal of the chip that controls the ECU in order to have it changed or reprogrammed. This is also done on the roadside by us and takes about an hour. We keep your original data on our computer in case you require it later on.

Here’s the list – Ten reasons to remap can be worthwhile. If you have more concerns about remapping, or perhaps you’d like to learn more about the process – contact us.