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Who Are Behind The Brand Trapstar?

Trapstar is among the most successful fashion labels. They’re part of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, worn by celebrities from all over the world . In 2019, they won the title of best Streetwear brand during the World Fashion Awards – Supreme, Palace and Stussy were among the nominees in this category.

It is estimated to be worth of thirty nine billion dollars by the year 2017 The streetwear industry has been one of the most significant trends in the fashion world over the past 30 years. And Trapstar was among the early big brands in the market.

Mikey, Lee and Will began the company in 2008, making t-shirts for them and their other friends. The word soon spread within their area, and their friends threatened to steal the designs of their friends if they did not begin selling to a larger market. They began selling their products through pop-up shops as well as their USP was the way they packaged and shipped the products. The clothing was available for purchase through a text message sent on the company’s “trap cellphone”. The purchase and payment would be made in advance, and the goods were shipped in pizza containers. By 2010 , they had the funds to pay for to purchase the Trapstar flagship store located in west London located on Portobello Road.

For the names of the company, the members claim to have come to the idea of Trapstar following a discussion that Lee’s father had with him. He stated: “You all think you’re one of the fly boys, but in reality, you’re stuck… Let’s see if that you can make something out of yourself.” Mikey responded by declaring: “We may be trapped however there’s a star within everyone.”

Famous for their graphic hoodies and t-shirts as well as brand-repping caps, and tracksuites that match, Trapstar remains a bridge between fashion and streetwear. Particularly with famous names like Rihanna, The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky wearing the brand. Co-founder Mikey stated: “We’ve been working on this since the year 2008 when it was a bit young within the UK streetwear scene . As it has developed, we’ve been very involved in it. It wasn’t just because we were looking to promote this style of clothing; it was the entire culture that was centered around it.”

Trapstar has also played with their “it’s a secret” tagline and managed to keep their identities hidden. They do not permit photos to be released that show their full face. They usually wear face masks, or covering their faces by covering their hands. The exclusivity of this style created an enthralling buzz, leading to drops to sell out , and certain items becoming more sought-after as they feed into the sexiness as well as the exclusivity and hype of streetwear.

Since their first shop was opened in 2010, the brand has been busy by collaborating on collections, collaborations as well as other projects. Trapstar developed Rihanna as well as Eminem’s Monster merchandise for their tour They also created exclusive collections for Selfridges and also worked on Hitman. Hitman games in the video series. Like we said they’re signed by Roc Nation, and they were the first fashion label to sign such a deal. Mikey declared: “Everything we do comes from a natural relationship”. Brands such as Nike have a relationship with sports and Palace shares the same connection with skateboarding. Trapstar holds a sway on the streets as well as the culture associated with it. “Trapstar isn’t just clothing and people. We’ve always been the ambassadors for underground music. It’s just that these artists sometimes get noticed.”

The most recent collaboration that the brand had involved South London singer Dave in their own exclusive Elements collection. The collaboration was inevitable to take place since Dave has been wearing Trapstar for a number of years. The brand released t-shirts, Hoodies, and joggers that all feature the Trapstar logo and Dave’s “We’re All Alone in This Together album artwork. The brand is one to keep an eye on and we’re looking forward to the 2023 year to see what they will release.