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How to Wear a Jumpsuit

I’m a big fan of jumpsuits. I’m aware that I’m not alone in thinking about how to dress the perfect jumpsuit. What accessories to wear with the look of a jumpsuit, how to wear different types of jumpsuits you can wear the right jumpsuit for various events and even figuring out the right shoes to put on when wearing a jumpsuit.

I’ve always loved how elegant clothes look and how a single piece can create a whole outfit. They allow you to dress well and look elegant! For dresses, they are all you need. I also enjoy wearing jumpsuits when traveling! My summer outfits consist of casual, bright jumpsuits. They are easy to put together and are easy to take with you!

However, jumpsuits aren’t always easy to wear and, if worn incorrectly, may look sloppy or make you appear shorter or larger than you actually are. There’s a reason that you typically have white and black jumpsuits. They’re more comfortable to wear and don’t carry the risk of looking like a fashionable snob wearing an outrageously printed jumpsuit. With a white or black jumpsuit, you’ll fashionable and chic.

Like most of my clothes I prefer more elegant and classic pieces. I am a fan of the print, color and various jumpsuit fabrics however, with my small frame, I must be cautious as pieces could take me over in a single piece.

Let’s look at how to dress an appropriate jumpsuit, and what you need to remember the next time you’re trying to put together the perfect denim jumpsuit.

5 Style Tips to Create Chic Jumpsuit Outfits

1. Find the perfect fit

Finding a suitable jumpsuit that matches your body in a perfect way is essential for looking professional and well-put together. Do not wear a jumpsuit that isn’t snug enough or loose.

If you’re wearing a jumpsuit that is too tight it could give the Catwoman image, and might be uncomfortable. If you’re wearing a dress that’s too loose you’ll completely lose your body shape and the dress will take over your body.

The stylish white jumpsuit that I’m wearing features a halter-style top and a waist cinched with a long leg. It’s neither too big nor too small and I can show off my body by showing the proper amount of skin in the halter top , and the waist accentuated.

2. Define Your Waist

I must emphasize the importance of not loosing your body shape. Many jumpsuits come with either a belt of cloth in similar to the color of the dress or simply add a belt to highlight your waist. The cinching of your jumpsuit’s waistline is an excellent option to add some feminine to the outfit and create that curvaceous style.

In this white dress, I double-wrapped the white belt to make my waist appear more defined. It would have been nice to add the belt with black or gold to add some heft but I wanted to demonstrate that you don’t have to dress up in the form of a jumpsuit.

It is evident in the section on shopping below, that the majority of the jumpsuits that I saved have a belt to match.

3. Wear the jumpsuit with a Blazer

I like adding depth in my clothes! Although the white jumpsuit is a great piece on its own but I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate how to easily put on a blazer to make it more unique.

If you’ve never put on the jumpsuit prior to wearing a blazer, it will help you feel more comfortable as compared to wearing it without. It gives the appearance a break and can be layered to create a more subtle look.

If you are choosing a blazer or jacket, pick one that compliments the dress and matches the formal event. The outfit is suitable at a cocktail party for formal dinners or going out for elegant drinks with your friends. Think about where you plan to wear your dress and pick a blazer that elevates it or is more casual.

I wanted to create a classy style with this white dress, so I chose the black tuxedo as one with two distinct characters. It’s a tuxedo blazer on the front but it looks like the back of a cape.

Choose colors that match the jumpsuit, or in contrast. For example, in this case I wore the black and white outfit. In the event that you’re in a beautiful floral jumpsuit, you may want to dress in a lighter rose blazer. Make sure that both items are in harmony.

4. Wear Heels with a Wide Leg Jumpsuit

If you’re unsure of which shoes to pair when you’re wearing a jumpsuit, always choose heels! Except for a casual beach-wearable jumpsuit. The heels are a fashion that I follow since the goal is to not look unflattering or sexy. Give the appearance of being tall and slim by not letting the bottom of your jumpsuit gather up. Should I wear this jumpsuit with flats or sandals the bottom appears unprofessional. It’s like wearing a dress which doesn’t fit. I’d appear shorter.

The shoes you choose to wear with your wide-leg jumpsuits must be slimmer. Beware of wedges, clogs or any other footwear with a high heel. This is particularly true if the material is lightweight and airy, as in the white dress I’m wearing.

5. Wear a Solid Color Jumpsuit

If you’re new to jumpsuits take it easy and dress in a classic black or navy, forest or dark colored jumpsuit. If you’re daring choose the jumpsuit that has a smaller pattern, such as the polka dots or a the brightest color!

However, Black is always slimming!

A well-constructed jumpsuit can be elongating because it’s a continuous vertical line where the eye can move smoothly up and down without a hitch.

When you are comfortable in a black and white dress, try adding a pattern or colors.

The Jumpsuit Can Be Dressed to formal events

The jumpsuit is a great option to be put together for formal occasions. If the fashion of the outfit is suitable, all you need to do is add accessories to make it fit for the event. You can think of the formal black or white jumpsuit.

My jumpsuit for this outfit is a pretty and sophisticated white one-piece with an halter that is pleated. It’s more formal in design, I put it together with heels with a black blazer with a tuxedo with gold accessories, and a chic bag. I also put my hair in a pretty bun to match the fashion of the outfit. You can also make a braided look!

I could easily wear this dress to an official event and meet with the code of dress.

Jumpsuit Shopping Tips

If you are shopping for a new jumpsuit, there are some things to remember. A pant suit is elegant, comfortable, and easy to put on.

Choose the appropriate length. You don’t want falling over or ruining the outfit. Choose a length suitable for high heels, or with flats. If you plan to wear a dress primarily with heels, be sure to wear heels while shopping to ensure that the length is appropriate or that it will be cut to size. The pre-purchase test will help you determine what the outfit for your jumpsuit will look when you put it together rather than waiting until you return back home. The same applies to pairing the jumpsuit with heels.

If you’re wearing your first jumpsuit buy one with a solid color. This is the extremely safe black as I wanted to to wear it repeatedly and throughout the year. A solid color can lengthen your body and looks incredibly attractive. If you must wear a pattern, opt for an elegant style.

If you’re investing in just one dress, make sure that it is suitable to suit every season. The one I’m wearing in this post is sleeveless . It features a V neckline, so it’s perfect all year. I could wear it as such during the spring and summer months and just throw on a colorful Moto jacket when it’s cold.

Get formal! If you aren’t sure you will make much use of your casual jumpsuit for informal weekends at the park make sure you choose something that is able to be more formal. Pick a formal hue and a cut that is chic with some striking accessories.

The final thing I want to make is sure that it will fit! It shouldn’t be too short or long, but not too tight or loose. The perfect dress must be flattering , and you should to feel gorgeous every time you wear it!