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The Thrill of Unrestricted Betting: Why People Love Gambling Sites Not on Gamstop

Betting not on Gamstop has become increasingly popular in recent years. Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that allows people to block themselves from accessing all UK licensed gambling operators. By betting with operators not registered with Gamstop, people can continue gambling even if they have self-excluded. There are several reasons why betting not on Gamstop appeals to many people.

Access to More Betting Markets and Odds

One of the main attractions of betting not on Gamstop is the access to betting markets and odds that may not be available with UK licensed bookmakers. Gamstop registered operators are required to comply with UK regulations that can restrict certain types of bets. However, bookmakers not registered with Gamstop are often based overseas and can offer a wider selection of betting markets. This includes markets that UK operators cannot legally offer, such as betting on lotteries or political events. The increased choice provides more opportunities for bettors to find good value odds.

Anonymity and Convenience

When signing up to Gamstop, personal details including name, address and date of birth must be provided. This means gambling activities are linked to identities on the Gamstop database. However, betting with operators not on Gamstop simply requires an email address in most cases. This allows anonymous betting that isn’t tracked. The convenience and privacy of being able to bet anonymously is a key reason many prefer betting not on Gamstop.

No Deposit or Loss Limits

Gamstop registered bookmakers must offer tools to help customers control gambling, such as deposit limits and timeout facilities. While useful for some, these responsible gambling features can be restrictive for others. Betting not on Gamstop avoids any deposit or loss limits, allowing unrestricted betting. This freedom over spending and wagering is appealing to many gamblers.

Wider Payment Options

Gamstop also requires registered operators to carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and verify user identities before allowing gambling. This restricts the payment options available, with methods like paysafecard and Skrill unavailable due to the difficulty of tracing transactions. Because such KYC procedures are not required with non-Gamstop betting sites, there is generally more choice in banking options. This means bettors can use whichever payment method suits them best.

Provides Ongoing Entertainment

For regular bettors, being blocked from gambling by Gamstop can remove a major form of entertainment. The excitement and thrill of betting is something many Gamstop users miss. Switching to operators not registered with Gamstop provides a way to continue enjoying betting as a hobby. For those who gamble responsibly, having access to online betting delivers ongoing entertainment value and satisfaction.

Allows People to Follow Betting Systems

Some bettors follow specific systems, like martingale, which requires increasing bet sizes after losses. Problem gamblers can lose large amounts following these systems. But for disciplined bettors with proper bankroll management, these systems can be used profitably long-term. Self-excluding via Gamstop prevents following these staking plans consistently. Betting not on Gamstop gives users the chance to follow betting systems without disruptions.

Provides a Source of Income

A small minority of experienced bettors are able to generate an income from gambling. Often these professional bettors use advanced techniques like arbitrage trading. Self-exclusion systems like Gamstop do not differentiate between problem gambling and profitable betting done as a business. So for professional bettors, having access to non-Gamstop operators is essential to maintaining a source of income. Betting not on Gamstop allows income-generating betting to continue.

Allows Betting with Specific Sites

Some bettors may have accounts with specific bookmakers who they are familiar with and trust. When signing up to Gamstop, they would be forced to stop using these sites. By opting to bet with operators not on Gamstop, customers can continue using the same bookmaker accounts they are accustomed to. Having a betting history and familiarity with particular sites is important to some gamblers.

Circumvents Exclusion Periods

The minimum Gamstop self-exclusion period is 6 months. For problem gamblers recognising they need help, being forced to wait 6 months before betting again with regulated operators can seem excessive. This deters some from joining Gamstop in the first place. Others join Gamstop to prove they can stay away from gambling, but plan to resume betting again in less than 6 months with non-Gamstop sites. Having no mandated exclusion period is more practical for some.


While betting not on Gamstop enables unrestricted gambling access, this must be balanced against responsible gambling practices. Gamstop exists to help problem gamblers regain control. But for many recreational bettors who gamble within their means, betting not on Gamstop provides freedom and alternatives not available with registered operators. The choice and anonymity it offers gives bettors power over their gambling habits. Ultimately, betting not on Gamstop allows people to continue enjoying gambling on their own terms.