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What Are Air Fryer Liners?

If you have an air fryer you’re aware that there are plenty of air fryer accessories available that claim to ease your life. Basket liners for air fryers are not an exception. However, are they worth it or simply a gadget? In this article, we from will share our experiences using air fryer basket liner and will explain the advantages and disadvantages of these baskets.

Air Fryer Basket Liners Why are they important?

The appeal of air fryer liners is obvious.

The liners, usually composed of parchment paper are a perfect fit for the inside of the bottom of your air fryer. They are designed to keep food particles from sticking to the base of the pan. Additionally to that, the silicon or parchment liners are also designed to prevent burning. It’s a bit similar to using them in the oven, so that you don’t burn the bottom of the cookies! Additionally, many companies declare that liners help in cleaning simpler.

But, do they really work?

In the end, I’d be a definite yes.

Personally, I enjoy use the basket liners particularly when air-frying “baked” items or meats. I’ve never tried them before, however we were fortunate enough to get a free package, and I’ll be sure to purchase them next time I’m out.

The reason for this is twofold.

First, I’ve discovered that the liners for parchment baskets keep items from sticking down to the base of the pan. This is particularly true in the case of cooking meals. For instance when I air fry chicken wings, I’ve observed that the meat gets stuck down to the floor. This results in an air fryer that is messy with the chicken crumbs settling in the holes for ventilation in the basket. Furthermore when using sticky sauces or marinades when baking, parchment can help in reducing sticking.

Second, basket liners prevent burning. Baked products such as pastries and cookies may be brown at the bottom, and the liners offer an easier and healthier option instead of lubricating the basket using shortening.

The air fryer basket liner liners help with cleaning up, based on the type of food you’re cooking. There will be some cleanup associated with air-frying food items such as meats. But the basket liners keep items from sticking in the food, so it helps make it easier to scrub. For certain foods, such as baked potatoes or cookies, the basket liners keep it free of food particles during the cooking process, and requires just a wash after each the use.