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Reasons To Uprate Your Trailer Wheels

The most sought-after trailer modifications we receive requests to swap the wheels on our standard single axle trailers as well as tandem trailers to accommodate all-terrain tyres or Land Cruiser rims. There are many advantages to gain by utilizing these options for upgrading in the event that you want to purchase an trailer.

Why should you upgrade to all Terrain Tyres?

If you are planning to tow your trailer off roads for a prolonged duration or have to travel on rough roads frequently or even frequently, then an all-terrain tire upgrade for your trailer will make a lot of sense. We can fit 15x7LT wheels as well as tyres on our trailers available for sale for sale, to increase their durability and flexibility when faced with harsh conditions.

One of the primary reasons why you could choose to go for all terrain tyres for your trailer is because they are able to provide excellent grip on all roads, thanks to the tread design that is interlocking of an off-road tire with the kind of handling that most street or on-road tyres offer. The soft rubber compound can also be a factor in their flexibility and capacity to handle various road conditions and surfaces. All terrain tyres have reinforced sidewalls that increase the capacity to carry loads that is crucial when towing a massive or full-loaded trailer.

There are some negatives you should be aware of with any tyre that is designed for terrain like the tread pattern can cause more road noise and they’re susceptible to cupping, especially when the suspension of your trailer isn’t functioning properly (although turning your trailer’s tyres frequently can reduce the possibility of this).

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The reason? Land Cruiser rims and tyres are a great option

If you are who tows a trailer with an SUV or 4WD upgrade with Land Cruiser rims and tyres will provide you with a number of advantages. With our upgrade you have the option of the 15″ and 16″ wheels, as well as the 5 or 6 stud setup.

One of the most beneficial benefits of the rims as well as tyres of your trailer that match the towing vehicle’s tyres is that you will be able to have fewer spares to carry, since when you have to replace wheels, you’ll be able to make use of the same spare on either your towing vehicle or your 4WD. This is particularly useful when you’re laden or traveling across long distances.

Another benefit, particularly when you are towing on the ground that is muddy or sandy, is that you’ll have a wheel track that is identical to the one you’re using. This means that the wheels of your trailer will be essentially following the same tracks of tyres made by your towing vehicle providing a smoother ride, and less resistance and drag. This can also reduce the wear and tear on the tyres of your trailer and improves the efficiency of your fuel.