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Pros And Cons Of Disposable Vapes

If you’ve ever walked along a bustling street in recent times you might have had your senses awed by the sweet-tasting vapour. If you looked at their hands, they could have been holding a vibrantly colored disposable vape. There’s no doubt that disposable vape pen have been a hit in the market in recent years. They’ve become a wildly popular method to smoke and with good reason as well!

We’ll break down the advantages and disadvantages of vape kits that are disposable to help you determine the best option to you, or not.

What is a disposable vapor?

An disposable vape a tiny vape that is self-contained and has been already filled with liquid e-cigarette. Vapes designed for disposable use are intended to be used just once later disposed of, and typically are small and user-friendly and are a good alternative for those who are brand new to vaping or seeking an easy-to-use, portable vape.

Advantages of disposable vapes

Affordable and inexpensive

Disposables are among the cheapest ways to take a vape the market. They’re not going to cost you a fortune dependent on how often you smoke, they’ll last for several days (even for up to an entire week if vaping isn’t as much of a routine to you). Because of the cost-effectiveness of disposable e-cigarettes can be the perfect opportunity for anyone to start their journey into vaping for those who are interested in taking it for a spin or recently quit smoking and require an easy alternative.

Since they’re cheap disposables also make an ideal backup plan if the pod device or vape device runs out of batteries when you’re on the move and looking for that nicotine boost.


The ease of using Vape pens that are disposable is one of the advantages that is unique. In contrast to many other vape kits available and disposable vape pens, disposable vape pens do not contain any coils, buttons or other hardware components that make vaping extremely complicated and difficult to comprehend. Mods and pod systems utilize screens that display an array of different information about vaping that can be confusing, particularly for those who are relatively new to the world of vaping. These are also draw-activated devices which makes them very easy to use. Simply place the vape on your lips, then inhale, and then vape away!

No maintenance needed

Vapes that are disposable require no maintenance and are totally effortless. What you see is similar to what you will get from disposable vape pen. There is no need to fret about pods, tanks coils, or even changing the vape juices. Not charging your vape before bed can cause a lot of stress and can be a hassle, however this issue is eliminated by using disposables since they are equipped with batteries.

You’ll be able to tell that your disposable has been at its end because the vapour is going to diminish significantly, as will the flavor. At some point, you’ll be carrying the disposable around but there will be no vapour coming out. Some disposables come with a light on one end, which will illuminate at the time you’re ready to dispose of the vape. If this time ever comes all you need to do is buy yourself the new one!


This is a great option for smokers who are also interested in aesthetics because disposable vapes are fashionable. They look stylish, attractive and vibrant. They are available in an array of designs, sizes, and colors. For instance, Elf Bars are designed to function more like disposable vape pen with a sleek, long and modern design. Lost Mary disposable e-cigs are nevertheless stylish and compact however they have a more rectangular shape.


Disposables are also great pocket vapes because of their slim and sleek style. A lot of them are modeled after vape pens and , as so, are ideal for carrying around in your purse or pocket without taking up the space. Vape accessories that are disposable are extremely light, meaning they’ll not weigh you down while you’re out and about.

A wide variety of flavors

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with their own flavours of e-liquid. This means that there’s a flavor that will delight every vaper’s palate. It also means that you don’t need to worry about selecting the e-liquid you think you’ll love. Pick from menthol, fruity and dessert-inspired flavors.

Pros and Cons of Disposable Vapes

Not eco-friendly

The name says it all however, disposable vapes aren’t designed to last for a long time. They’re intended to be disposable which means they could be very harmful on the earth if not properly recycled. Like we said, some disposable vapes, like those from Elf Bar 600 have 600 puffs, which is ideal for certain people individuals, but when you’re an ex-smoker who’s heavy, you could go through a disposable in only two days, which could create a significant amount of garbage.

Costly in the long-term

Although disposable vapes are affordable for one-off purchase, they’re definitely the more costly option in the long run. The cost of purchasing one disposable after one will definitely increase the cost, especially If you’re habitually smoking lots of cigarettes, and has just started vaping, you might realize that you’ll go the disposable e-cigarettes you need very quickly. There are disposable vape kits that purchase 5 or more at one time, but we suggest that if you’re planning to purchase this, it would be better to buy the vape kit.

Fixed nicotine levels

As we’ve said the disposables are pre-filled with E-liquid. It also means they have a pre-determined nicotine level since you’re not able to mix various e-liquids to make your personal nicotine strength. If you love vaping because of the possibility to personalize their experience this disadvantage is the most significant one. Most disposable vapes come with 20 mg of nicotine in the device. To some people, that could be quite a substantial quantity of nicotine. It could not be enough for people who don’t smoke cigarettes often or like to vape casually.

Disposable vapes cannot be recharged.

Disposable vapes are made for use on a single basis and cannot be rechargeable. This is ideal for vaping on a limited basis however, this flaw is particularly relevant if you’re someone trying to stop smoking cigarettes. If you’re in search of an electronic device that can be recharged disposables won’t be the right choice.

There is no choice

We could seem like we’re in contradiction here since in the pros section we talked about the wide variety of flavors. It’s true, since disposable vapes come in a range of flavors. However, this is a tiny number when compared to the massive selection of e-liquids available currently.