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Can I use a bird table all year round?

If you have room in your backyard A bird table is among the most flexible methods to feed birds. It is not necessary to purchase any specific food, instead , it is able to provide a range of meals and provide you with the greatest chances of attracting a variety of species of birds into your backyard.

Find out about the various types of food you can set on your bird’s feeder as well as the kinds of food that you shouldn’t put out, and what you should feed your birds as the seasons change through the course of.

Kitchen scraps

The bird tables are a great method to feed your birds in the garden leftovers. Every kind of food you can find in your kitchen could be laid out on a table. This is an excellent way to feed birds without the need to purchase seeds for birds. Disposing of leftovers can help reduce household waste.

Birds love to eat cake, bread, biscuit crumbs, cheese that is mild bacon rinds cooked potatoes, veggies pasta, rice, and. There’s also the option of serving fruits like apples, bananas, pears, grapes and plums even when they’re bruised or beginning to soften. Cut them into smaller pieces and sprinkle them on the bird’s feeder, as ground feeding birds are particularly fond of eating fruits.

Do not dispose of any food that is moldy, and stay clear of anything that has been processed. While solid fats like suet and even lard are great and healthy, the fat in the roasting tin may be spread on feathers of birds. It may also be a source of salt. Moreover, because it’s mixed with juices from meat, it will quickly go away.

Nuts and bird seed

While you can purchase bird feeders that are designed to hold various kinds of bird seed it’s acceptable to sprinkle seeds over your table for bird feeding too. Certain birds are unable to hang on to feeders, and are more at ease eating seeds on an area that is flat.

Garden birds love taking sunflower seeds as well as heart which are rich in vital nutrients like proteins and oils. While niger seeds are a favorite, it is extremely fragile and may blow away from the bird’s nest on daytime winds or due to the birds’ movements as they the air.

If you prefer, you can purchase an all-purpose mix of seeds, which has many ingredients, including maize barley kibbled peanuts, oats millet, sunflower, and seeds. Some seed mixes are enriched with calcium and vitamins to ensure your birds are fed with a balanced and nutritious diet. Pick a non-grow mix with the husks removed . This can reduce the amount of waste created by your bird’s table.

You can also place peanuts, whether in the shell or only the hearts in your table for bird watching. This is which is a favorite among many kinds of bird. Make sure to use peanuts that are plain and avoid those that are salted, dry roasted or flavored. Certain peanuts destined for human consumption could contain deadly levels of aflatoxin, so purchase them from an animal or garden shop if you aren’t sure. In spring, avoid handing out nuts in whole form as this could harm baby birds.

Suet blocks

There are cages available to hold suet blocks as well as fat balls, however it’s just as simple to put them directly on your bird’s table. They are available in a range of flavors with additional ingredients such as mealworms and fruits and seeds. Or you can prepare your own suet by melting it and mixing in dry ingredients such as raisins, oats, or nuts, then placing it in cupcake tins or yogurt pots or shaping into balls.

Do not place suet-filled blocks on your bird’s table in extremely hot temperatures. The fat could be melted and adhere to the birds feathers. The feathers will quickly turn rancid and become spoiled.

Hanging bird feeders

Certain bird tables come with hooks that are located on the side of the feed platform to hang items on it. However, if not, then you can add cups hooks to enhance the flexibility of your bird table. more adaptable.

For birds who prefer to feed on an elevated feeder, hang some feeders for nuts and seeds like large balls, string of peanuts coconut shells, slices of toast or fruits.


It is essential to provide your birds in the garden with fresh drinking water, but do not put water on your table for your birds, even if the table has an area for it. Birds also wash themselves in the water that they drink from, and the food that you have on your bird table can soon get soiled as they splash around in the water.

Make sure you have a separate bird bath or shallow bowl, and ensure that it is kept topped up particularly on hot days or when the natural sources of water might be frozen.

What birds can be using my feeder?

A variety of species of birds use tables for birds, such as collared doves and robins, dunnocks and sparrows. Although they are more fond of hangers, feeders that are blue great tits, as well as coal tits can also be found on tables for birds, especially if you give them peanuts. Sunflower seeds draw goldfinches and greenfinches as well as bullfinches, and chaffinches and fruit is favored by thrushes and blackbirds.

Begin by placing food scraps and kitchen waste on the bird table. Even that if it takes some time for birds to discover it, you don’t end up throwing food that has been eaten away. When you begin to notice a lot of people popping on your table, you can try to discover which kind of food the different species prefer to eat.

Do I have to use the table for birds all year long?

Bird tables UK are useful throughout the year, but it is particularly crucial in winter months of late autumn and early winter, when the natural food sources might be limited. Your bird table should be filled with foods that are high in energy, such as cheese, fats and nuts. Cut food into small pieces to ensure that they don’t waste valuable energy gnawing at the food.

In spring, birds also require lots of energy to help get through the breeding season. But, they can more easily locate sources of food outside,, so don’t be shocked if you notice fewer birds at your bird feeder. Foods that contain insects or mealworms can give them an essential protein boost and fruits are loaded with natural sugars that help maintain their energy levels.