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How Google Street View Can Help Your Business

It may be to be out of reach for certain companies, but virtual tours and tours are now a reality. I am able to confirm how real this is becoming.

As I entered my freshman year in college, instead of physically going to and looking over the various dorms I could be living in, I decided to take an online tour of buildings on the website of the school and made my choice.

What made me take this decision? It was first because it was accessible via the website of the university. It also meant that I didn’t have to dedicate to a long amount of time touring the buildings I didn’t with. This took the time and effort of weighing alternatives.

The same is true for businesses and customers.

Giving potential customers the option to view a virtual version of your company, both outside and inside can be beneficial and Google offers the tools that you require to reach them.

Based on research findings, companies that have these full search results tend to be 29 percent more likely customers to think about buying from and then visiting the business.

Google’s Street View and virtual tours are tools to increase the customer’s interest and making decisions.

Let’s learn more about each one of these tools!

What is the reason behind Google Street View?

What is Street View do?

Google Streetview photography is collection of photos taken from a panoramic perspective that is utilized in Google Maps to allow users to see and understand the region they’re looking for; this is also available to businesses.

Street View Street View puts your business on Google Maps with pictures of the storefront, however, the photos aren’t exclusive uploads made by Google.

Customers and business owners can take part in this Street View photo sharing as well.

There are certain conditions to taking photos and posting Google Street View photos, taking them has shown immense benefit.

In reality, the interest of customers is expected to grow by a third in the event that business listings contain photos and an online tour.

There’s a lot of information that is included in Google results, so please contact us for more information.